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Cardinia Mini

Cardinia Mini converts Pioneer DJ Touch Preview and Link Cue audio signals to work with any mixer, letting you get on with the mix.




Whats in the box

Sold Out!

Simple Plug and Play Operation

Connect the USB cable to power, the Ethernet cable to your network, and the RCA audio cable into any spare mixer channel. No need for setup or configuration.

Compatible With

NOTE: Cardinia Mini works by emulating a mixer. If a DJM mixer is detected on the same network, Cardinia Mini will automatically disable itself and let the DJM take priority. This means if you want to take advantage of Cardinia Mini's features and mix with a DJM-900NXS or DJM-2000NXS, the DJM must be disconnected from the network.

⚠️ Cardinia is most likely not compatible with XDJ-XZ.

Front Panel LEDs

System LED Network LED Link LED Conflict LED
System Ready ☀ Green
Conflict ☀ Red
No Network Detected ☀ Red
Connecting to Network ☀ Orange
Connected to Network ● Green
Connecting to Link ☀ Orange
Connected to Link
with Activity
● Green with
☀ Orange

☀ - Blinking, ● - Solid

Connection Diagram

Open Source

Parts of Cardinia Mini are published open source.

Portions contributed to the awesome dysentery project.

Firmware Downloads

Devices come preinstalled with firmware version v1.0c.
Firmware updates will appear here as they become available.

v1.01 - Initial release

v1.0c - 18-May-2023, download: [macOS | windows]


Have questions or have some feedback? Feel free to contact us using the contact form.